We have spent the past 25 years machining a wide variety of parts for an ever-growing list of industries with a broad assortment of materials. Chances are whatever you need; we’ve made it many times before!

While we primarily manufacture plastics, we also have experience in producing parts using aluminum, brass, copper and steel. Every project is unique and we pride ourselves on providing each client with services that will bring them back again and again.


Parts Produced include, but are not limited to


Absorbers Expansion Joints Nuts and Washers
Bushings Flanges Sealing Rings
Bearings Stabs Spacers
Beacon Buddies Anchors Torque Balls
Collars Holders Threaded Rods
Cap Rings Instrument Panels Well Head Models
Displays Mounting Plates Wear Plates



Materials used in production include, but are not limited to


Acetyl Hytrel PTFE
Acrylic Hydex PVDF
CPVC Isoplast Semitron
Delrin Ketron Teflon
DuraTron Kynar Tivar
FlameTec Nylatron UHMW
G-10 Glass Laminate Nylon Vespel


We’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous industries, and the list continues to grow


Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
Renewable Energy Food & Beverage
Renewable Energy Equipment Farming & Fishing
Specialty Chemicals Construction
Aerospace & Defense Medical Equipment
Electronic Equipment Laboratory and Research
Marine Transportation Seismic Studies and Exploration


PlasTech Precision Machining provides custom solutions to meet your project needs. We look forward to providing the plastic parts you need to complete your next project.